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  For me it was the first time I saw the Patriots, it's a young civilian team from California. A great group of people who are doing a superb job to keep 4 jets airborne (and good). The display is very dynamic, planes everywere. The smoke is very interesting, one at a time or all together. never seen before by other teams. We hope we will see them many times more in the future.
The L-39 team fly's four Boeing/Aero-Vodochody L-39C.
Patriots_001.jpg Patriots_002.jpg Patriots_009.jpg Patriots_004.jpg
L-39 AlbatrossThe pilots can fly to "Hi made"  L-39 Albatross
Patriots_005.jpg Patriots_006.jpg Patriots_007.jpg Patriots_008.jpg
 The PATRIOTS Jet Demonstration Team announced at the 2005 International Council of Air Shows Convention in Orlando Florida that they are adding a 4th jet for the 2006 Air Show season and will be performing on the West Coast with a 4 ship “ Diamond” Jet Demonstration Team.
Patriots_024.jpg Patriots_010.jpg Patriots_011.jpg Patriots_012.jpg
  Solocross Solocross Diamond
Patriots_013.jpg Patriots_014.jpg Patriots_015.jpg Patriots_016.jpg
Airshows America currently owns four flying L-39’s with three more L-39’s in the process of restoration to air show status, as well as numerous other Military Jets and Aerobatic aircraft.
Patriots_017.jpg Patriots_018.jpg Patriots_019.jpg Patriots_020.jpg
The PATRIOTS air show routine lasts 20 minutes and consists of beautifully choreographed maneuvers such as the diamond formation loops and rolls followed by the faster paced solo part of the show where each PATRIOT aircraft performs individual maneuvers such as Opposing Loops, the Cuban Eight, Vertical Rolls, as well as the PATRIOTS signature maneuver “The Tail Slide” and much more.
Patriots_021.jpg Patriots_022.jpg Patriots_023.jpg Patriots_025.jpg
The PATRIOTS aircraft are 1983 L-39 Ex-Military Jets with only about 1000 hours of flight time since new. The L-39 only weighs 7200 pounds empty, is powered by a modern turbo-fan engine producing 4000 pounds of thrust, has a pressurized air conditioned cockpit, is 40 feet long and has a 31 foot wingspan.
Patriots_026.jpg Patriots_027.jpg Patriots_028.jpg Patriots_029.jpg
During the air show, each PATRIOT Jet burns about 500 gallons of Jet fuel per hour and about 4 gallons of red, white and blue smoke oil per minute.
Patriots_030.jpg Patriots_031.jpg Patriots_032.jpg Patriots_033.jpg
The L-39 is built by a conglomerate of Boeing, Allied Signal (U.S. Companies) and Aero-Vodochody ( Czech Republic ).
Patriots_034.jpg Patriots_035.jpg Patriots_036.jpg Patriots_037.jpg
Airshows America purchased the aircraft, had them disassembled and shipped via truck, rail and sea in a 40’ container from Europe .
Patriots_038.jpg Patriots_039.jpg Patriots_040.jpg Patriots_041.jpg
After the aircraft arrive in California , they are modified for use on the Air Show circuit with the PATRIOTS Jet Demonstration Team.
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