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Nellis Air Force Base (IATA: LSV, ICAO: KLSV) is a United States Air Force base, in Clark County, Nevada, on the northeast side of Las Vegas. It is also treated as a census-designated place by the United States Census for statistical purposes, and so specific demographic information about residents of the base is compiled. As of 2000, the base had a population of 8,896. Nellis is the location of the USAF's Air Warfare Center of the Air Combat Command, a major training location for both US and foreign fighter aircraft pilots. The base is named for William Harrell Nellis, a Las Vegas resident and P-47 pilot who died in action during the Battle of the Bulge.

The main base covers approximately 11,300 acres (46 kmē). 62 percent of it is undeveloped, while the remaining area is either paved or contains structures.

The base consists of three major functional areas.

The associated Nellis Air Force Range is located to the west in Nye and several other counties.

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On the next three pages you find a collection of pictures made in November of 2006 at Nellis AFB
Nellis_AFB_001.jpg Nellis_AFB_002.jpg Nellis_AFB_003.jpg Nellis_AFB_004.jpg
F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle
Nellis_AFB_005.jpg Nellis_AFB_006.jpg Nellis_AFB_007.jpg Nellis_AFB_008.jpg
F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-16C Falcon
Nellis_AFB_009.jpg Nellis_AFB_010.jpg Nellis_AFB_011.jpg Nellis_AFB_012.jpg
F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle
Nellis_AFB_013.jpg Nellis_AFB_014.jpg Nellis_AFB_015.jpg Nellis_AFB_016.jpg
F-15C Eagle F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon A-10A Thunderbolt II
Nellis_AFB_017.jpg Nellis_AFB_018.jpg Nellis_AFB_019.jpg Nellis_AFB_020.jpg
A-10A Thunderbolt II A-10A Thunderbolt II F-16C Falcon A-10A Thunderbolt II
Nellis_AFB_021.jpg Nellis_AFB_022.jpg Nellis_AFB_023.jpg Nellis_AFB_024.jpg
F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon
Nellis_AFB_025.jpg Nellis_AFB_026.jpg Nellis_AFB_027.jpg Nellis_AFB_028.jpg
F-16C Falcon & F-22 Raptor F-22A Raptor F-22A Raptor F-16C Falcon
Nellis_AFB_029.jpg Nellis_AFB_030.jpg Nellis_AFB_031.jpg Nellis_AFB_032.jpg
KC-135E Stratotanker KC-135E Stratotanker F-16C Falcon F-22A Raptor
Nellis_AFB_033.jpg Nellis_AFB_034.jpg Nellis_AFB_035.jpg Nellis_AFB_036.jpg
EA-6B Prowler EA-6B Prowler EA-6B Prowler F-15C Eagle
Nellis_AFB_037.jpg Nellis_AFB_038.jpg Nellis_AFB_039.jpg Nellis_AFB_040.jpg
F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle F-15C Eagle
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