During my last vacation in Florida I became intersted in taking pictures from all the annimals I saw, here is a collection, what there called. No idea, just enjoy the photo's. Next update will be the wildlife in the West of the USA.

Here are some interesting links about Florida's wildlife:

Florida_wildlife_001.jpg Florida_wildlife_002.jpg Florida_wildlife_003.jpg Florida_wildlife_004.jpg
Florida_wildlife_005.jpg Florida_wildlife_006.jpg Florida_wildlife_007.jpg Florida_wildlife_008.jpg

Florida_wildlife_009.jpg Florida_wildlife_010.jpg Florida_wildlife_011.jpg Florida_wildlife_012.jpg
Florida_wildlife_013.jpg Florida_wildlife_014.jpg Florida_wildlife_015.jpg Florida_wildlife_016.jpg
Florida_wildlife_017.jpg Florida_wildlife_018.jpg Florida_wildlife_019.jpg Florida_wildlife_020.jpg
Florida_wildlife_021.jpg Florida_wildlife_022.jpg Florida_wildlife_023.jpg Florida_wildlife_024.jpg
Florida_wildlife_025.jpg Florida_wildlife_026.jpg Florida_wildlife_027.jpg Florida_wildlife_028.jpg
Florida_wildlife_029.jpg Florida_wildlife_030.jpg Florida_wildlife_031.jpg Florida_wildlife_032.jpg
Florida_wildlife_033.jpg Florida_wildlife_034.jpg Florida_wildlife_035.jpg Florida_wildlife_036.jpg
Florida_wildlife_037.jpg Florida_wildlife_038.jpg Florida_wildlife_039.jpg Florida_wildlife_040.jpg

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