Naval Air Station Pensacola

NAS Pensacola, known as the "Cradle of Naval Aviation," serves as the launching point for the flight training of every Naval Aviator, Naval Flight Officer (NFO), and Enlisted Aircrewman. In 1997, about 15,000 aviation personnel in aeronautical technical phases of naval operations were trained there. The traditional home of naval aviation and naval flight training, NAS Pensacola still plays a major role in that process. NAS Pensacola's primary flying organization, Training Wing Six (TRAWING 6) includes three jointly manned (Air Force and Navy personnel) US Navy training squadrons, VT-4, VT-10, and VT-86, with the mission of training USN and other services' Naval Flight Officers and Navigators. These units fly a variety of aircraft, including the T-34C, T-2C, T-1A, and T-39. NAS Pensacola also serves as the home station and primary practice site for the Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels.
Pensacola is located in extreme Northwest Florida, 60 minutes east of Mobile, Al, 45 minutes west of Ft Walton Beach, Fl, and 500 miles from Orlando, FL.(home of Disney World). Altitude ranges from sea level to 120 feet above sea level. Escambia County is 661 square miles. Santa Rosa County 1,024 square miles and the City of Pensacola is 25.09 square miles. (source :

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The Homecoming Blue Angels Air Show took place at Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida,
on Friday and Saturday, November 11 & 12, 2005. It's one of the mayor Airshows of north Florida.

The weather was good and the show was a good organized event. Also at NAS Pensacola you find the National Museum of Naval Aviation, it is one of the largest and most beautiful air and space museums in the world. So we did a short visit at this museum aswell. 

Special thanks must go to: Sheri L. Crowe, Public Affairs Specialist, NAS Pensacola Public Affairs

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