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This versatile, self-deployable aircraft offers increased speed and range over other rotary-wing aircraft, enabling Air Force Special Operations Command aircrews to execute long-range special operations missions. The CV-22 can perform missions that normally would require both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. 
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The CV-22 takes off vertically and, once airborne, the nacelles (engine and prop-rotor group) on each wing can rotate into a forward position. MQ-1 Predator, a remotely piloted aircraft. First and last time you will see this "thing" on this website. It kills the beautifull aviation hobby. We call it MQ-piece of sh..t.
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Sean Tucker Pitts Special. Since beginning his air show career in the mid-70s, Sean Tucker has flown more than 700 performances at more than 300 airshows, in front of more than 60 million fans. In the upcoming season alone, Tucker and Team Oracle will entertain nearly 10 million fans at 25 shows throughout North America.

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 "I like to think that I bring the fans' dreams of flying into the plane with me, and there's nowhere I'd rather be than in the cockpit. That's why I train so hard to keep the edge!" Sea Fury A-1 Skyraider
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A-1 Skyraider F-8 & A-1 & Sea Fury P-38 Lightning F-4U Corsair
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F-4U & F-6 & P-51 & P-38 & B-25 P-38 & B-25 Firefly & Sea Fury
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B-25 & P-38 & P-51 P-38 Lightning P-38 Lightning B-25 Mitchell
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Firefly & Sea Fury F-16C Falcon F-15C Eagle
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P-38 Lightning B-25 Mitchell F-22A Raptor
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F-22A Raptor
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