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Miramar_161.jpg Miramar_162.jpg Miramar_163.jpg Miramar_164.jpg
Patriots at work during the evening show Spooky F-117
Miramar_165.jpg Miramar_166.jpg Miramar_167.jpg Miramar_168.jpg
Spooky F-117A Stealth Fat Albert Blue Angels, Jato takeoff
Miramar_169.jpg Miramar_170.jpg Miramar_171.jpg Miramar_172.jpg
Fat Albert Blue Angels, Jato takeoff Bill in his Mig-17 (UFO??) Dan Buchanan at work
Miramar_173.jpg Miramar_174.jpg Miramar_175.jpg Miramar_176.jpg
F-18C Hornet Shockwave Fireworks
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