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Miramar_041.jpg Miramar_042.jpg Miramar_043.jpg Miramar_044.jpg
F-117A Stealth, is going with retirement in 2009, ?? Strange.
Miramar_045.jpg Miramar_046.jpg Miramar_047.jpg Miramar_048.jpg
We will miss the Stealth but perhaps a new one is on it's way Nothing can keep her awake
Miramar_049.jpg Miramar_050.jpg Miramar_051.jpg Miramar_052.jpg
The new F18-F Super Hornet "Rhino" with a very impressive demonstration
Miramar_053.jpg Miramar_054.jpg Miramar_055.jpg Miramar_056.jpg
8 G pull Negative 4G with vapour,ppff Almost mach 1
Miramar_057.jpg Miramar_058.jpg Miramar_059.jpg Miramar_060.jpg
Highspeed pass, about 700mph, he is squeezing the water in the air to a cloud, and into >>
Miramar_061.jpg Miramar_062.jpg Miramar_063.jpg Miramar_064.jpg
a "donut" 8 G pull We love these "donuts"
Miramar_065.jpg Miramar_066.jpg Miramar_067.jpg Miramar_068.jpg
F-18F Super Hornet F-18 and awake F-18F Super Hornet
Miramar_069.jpg Miramar_070.jpg Miramar_071.jpg Miramar_072.jpg
 That's why we love this weather, with clear sunshine you won't see this effect
Miramar_073.jpg Miramar_074.jpg Miramar_075.jpg Miramar_076.jpg
This F-18F is from VFA 122 The Flying Eagles based at NAS Lemoore CA
Miramar_077.jpg Miramar_078.jpg Miramar_079.jpg Miramar_080.jpg
After his great demo the Hornet did a formation together with the FJ-4B Fury and the F8-F Bearcat
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