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All the pictures on these five pages were made during the 2006 Miramar Airshow, it was held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of October 2006.  The weather was perfect, some clouds, some sun, good for vapour over the wings and we love that. The atmosphere was great, the organizers did a great job here, thanks. The two-time award winning, annual MCAS Miramar Air Show marked its 51st successful year with over 130 military static displays, approximately 30 civilian and military aerial-performances and an estimated 620,000 spectators. The Blue Angels and the Patriots were among the main attractions of the show, along with the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team and the Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Tactical Demonstration team and a superb demonstration  from the Super Hornet. Special thanks must go to the Public Affairs Chief GySgt Matthew L. Sewell and his complete crew.
Miramar_001.jpg Miramar_002.jpg Miramar_003.jpg Miramar_004.jpg
KC-130J Hercules F-18F Super Hornet AV-8B Harrier F-16C Falcon
Miramar_005.jpg Miramar_006.jpg Miramar_007.jpg Miramar_008.jpg
Bell 205 San Diego police Shockwave FJ-4B Fury B-1B Lancer
Miramar_009.jpg Miramar_010.jpg Miramar_011.jpg Miramar_012.jpg
F-117A Stealth HH-1N Bell Mig 17F Bill Reesman
Miramar_013.jpg Miramar_014.jpg Miramar_015.jpg Miramar_016.jpg
Shockwave  How low can you go?? and be beaten by a car. "Great Job Bill"
Miramar_017.jpg Miramar_018.jpg Miramar_019.jpg Miramar_020.jpg
Mig 17F F-18C Hornet Watertrails C-130
Miramar_021.jpg Miramar_022.jpg Miramar_023.jpg Miramar_024.jpg
Patriots displayteam Pilot Randy Howell Boeing/Aero-Vodochody L-39C
Miramar_025.jpg Miramar_026.jpg Miramar_027.jpg Miramar_028.jpg
Patriots a pretty new team from : airshowsamerica
Miramar_029.jpg Miramar_030.jpg Miramar_031.jpg Miramar_032.jpg
 Patriots, the smoke is controled by computer, one at a time or all together
Miramar_033.jpg Miramar_034.jpg Miramar_035.jpg Miramar_036.jpg
 Patriots F-18C Hornet Golden Knights AV8-B Harrier
Miramar_037.jpg Miramar_038.jpg Miramar_039.jpg Miramar_040.jpg
AV8-B Harrier F-18C Hornet
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