Edwards_AFB_2006_161.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_162.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_163.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_164.jpg
B-1B Lancer
Edwards_AFB_2006_165.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_166.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_167.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_168.jpg
Carrying the largest payload of both guided and unguided weapons in the Air Force inventory, the multi-mission B-1 is the backbone of America's long-range bomber force. It can rapidly deliver massive quantities of precision and non-precision weapons against any adversary, anywhere in the world, at any time.
Edwards_AFB_2006_169.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_170.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_171.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_172.jpg
B-1B Lancer in a roll !! F117 & F16 & T38&F22 B-52 & B-1B
Edwards_AFB_2006_173.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_174.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_175.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_176.jpg
C-17 & RC-135 B-52 & B-1B F-16 & the moon B-52H Stratofortress
Edwards_AFB_2006_177.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_178.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_179.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_180.jpg
USAF Thunderbirds
Edwards_AFB_2006_181.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_182.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_183.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_184.jpg
The Thunderbirds squadron is an Air Combat Command unit composed of eight pilots (including six demonstration pilots), four support officers, three civilians and more than 130 enlisted personnel performing in 25 career fields.
Edwards_AFB_2006_185.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_186.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_187.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_188.jpg
A Thunderbirds air demonstration is a mix of formation flying and solo routines. The four-aircraft diamond formation demonstrates the training and precision of Air Force pilots, while the solo aircraft highlight the maximum capabilities of the F-16.
Edwards_AFB_2006_189.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_190.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_191.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_192.jpg
The pilots perform approximately 30 maneuvers in a demonstration. The entire show, including ground and air, runs about an hour and fifteen minutes. The season lasts from March to November, with the winter months used to train new members.
Edwards_AFB_2006_193.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_194.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_195.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_196.jpg
Officers serve a two-year assignment with the squadron, while enlisted personnel serve three to four. Replacements must be trained for about half of the team each year, providing a constant mix of experience.
Edwards_AFB_2006_197.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_198.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_199.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_200.jpg
The squadron performs no more than 88 air demonstrations each year and has never canceled a demonstration due to maintenance difficulty. More than 280 million people in all 50 states and 57 foreign countries have seen the red, white and blue jets in more than 3,500 aerial demonstrations.
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