Edwards_AFB_2006_041.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_042.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_043.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_044.jpg
F-22A Raptor
Edwards_AFB_2006_045.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_046.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_047.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_048.jpg
The F-22 Raptor is a new breed of super-fighter for the 21st century. With its stealth, supersonic cruise, agility and advanced integrated avionics, it will dominate the skies over any future battlefield and bring unequaled capability into the hands of America’s Air Force fighter pilots.
Edwards_AFB_2006_049.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_050.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_051.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_052.jpg
The F-22 is the first production aircraft with the ability to super cruise – flying at supersonic speeds without the use of afterburners.
Edwards_AFB_2006_053.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_054.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_055.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_056.jpg
F-22A Raptor Dan Buchanan's flying colors
Edwards_AFB_2006_057.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_058.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_059.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_060.jpg
Dan lost his ability to walk in the mid 80's but he flies as the best on many airshows
Edwards_AFB_2006_061.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_062.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_063.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_064.jpg
Dan's landing Thunderbirds F-16 Falcon display
Edwards_AFB_2006_065.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_066.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_067.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_068.jpg
It was the Dutch F-16 display team flying in an Edwards AFB F-16 
Edwards_AFB_2006_069.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_070.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_071.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_072.jpg
In the Netherlands they fly a special painted F-16, click here to see how it looks (under on page)
Edwards_AFB_2006_073.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_074.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_075.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_076.jpg
Although it looks spectacular the show of the demoteam contains manoeuvres which can occure during normal operational missions with the F16. The spectacular part of the show is that al of these manoeuvres are linked together in a smooth looking show. That is also the extra strain for the demo pilot to execute all these manoeuvres in a short period of time.
Edwards_AFB_2006_077.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_078.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_079.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_080.jpg
During these manoeuvres the body of the demo pilot is exposed to enormous positive and negative G forces. The dutch demo pilot gives an impression of the manoeuvrabillity of the F16 in general and also the skills which every Royal Netherlands Airforce F16 pilot has mastered.
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