Edwards AFB is where the US first jet- and rocket-powered flights took place. It is where men and aircraft first exceeded Mach 1. 2, 3. 4. 5 and 6. and where they first flew above 100.000, 200.000 and 300,000 feet. The famed North American rocket aircraft set altitude and speed marks of 354,200 feet and 4. 520 mph that still stands for winged aircraft.

Edwards is the site where lifting body research flights, that helped in development and design of the space shuttle, were carried out, the space shuttle's approach and landing tests were conducted in 1977. and where the first landings from space began in April 1981.

The pictures on these pages are mixed and made during the 2 day event (28th and 29th of October 2006) and the practice display on Friday the 27th. As always it was one of the best shows in the US (Special thanks must go to : Edwards AFB Public Affairs and especialy to Mr. J.P. Haire) 
Edwards_AFB_2006_001.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_002.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_003.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_004.jpg
Avenger F-86 Sabre F-101 Voodoo F-15 Eagle NASA
Edwards_AFB_2006_005.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_006.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_007.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_008.jpg
F-117A Stealth A-10B Thunderbolt F-16B Delta Dart T-38 Talon
Edwards_AFB_2006_009.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_010.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_011.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_012.jpg
B-2 Spirit B-2 Spirit Police Hummer U-2 Dragon Lady
Edwards_AFB_2006_013.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_014.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_015.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_016.jpg
Fairy Firefly F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon A-10A Thunderbolt II
Edwards_AFB_2006_017.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_018.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_019.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_020.jpg
F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon F-16C Falcon B-52 Stratofortress
Edwards_AFB_2006_021.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_022.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_023.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_024.jpg
B-52 Stratofortress Police F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10 F-22 & P-51
Edwards_AFB_2006_025.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_026.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_027.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_028.jpg
F-15 & A-10 F-15 & A-10 & F-22A F-15 & A-10 & F-22A F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10
Edwards_AFB_2006_029.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_030.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_031.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_032.jpg
F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10 F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10 F-22 & F-15 F-22 & F-15
Edwards_AFB_2006_033.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_034.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_035.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_036.jpg
F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10 F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10 F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10 F-22 & P-51 & F-15 & A-10
Edwards_AFB_2006_037.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_038.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_039.jpg Edwards_AFB_2006_040.jpg
P-51 Mustang F-22 Raptor
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