On July 4th, 1985 five Casa C-101 aircraft took off from the

Spanish Air Force Academy in San Javier, Murcia to perform the first

training flight of the "Aguila" Aerobatic Team.

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Ten days later they flew their first public display.
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One year later they had the first display outside Spain, which was in Belgium at Koksijde.
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Unlike other display teams, Aguila is not a full-time display team.
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The pilots practise in their spare time, most of the time that's once a week.
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In 1986 they received their 6th plane and in 1989 their 7th., at the present they are still flying with seven and they have one spare plane.

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In 1994 they introduced coloured smoke, the yellow colour is unique, they're the only International Display Team with yellow smoke.
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  They fly the Casa C-101 Aviojet  
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The Casa C-101 Aviojet is the basic/advanced trainer, used in the Spanish Air Force Academy Basic School to prepare the Spanish pilots.

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This twin-seated plane is manufactured by Construcciones Aeronauticas.


Always very impressive is their formation landing. This shot was taken at Scampton (GB) during a practise show late in the evening, even in the twilight they land in formation.

The Casa C-101 Aviojet :


Wing span: 10,60 m.

Length: 12,25 m.

Height: 4,25 m.

Max. speed sea level: 420 mph.(676 km/h.)

Max. altitude: 41500 ft.(13741 m.)

Empty weight: 6,520 lbs.(2975 kg.)

Max. weight: 10,361 lbs.(4700 kg.)

Powerplant: one Garret TFE 731-2-2J turbofan

Thrust: 3,306 lbs.(1500 kg.)


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